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Anything amiss with my battery?

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Kovacs, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Kovacs

    Jul 22, 2015
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    North Dakota
    So this is a weird one for me.

    Just the other day, I updated my aircraft, RC, and batteries to FW 1.3.20, but haven't had a chance to go fly until sometime later this afternoon. So, in preparation, I started charging my battery.

    I stored both my batteries at about 50% when I packed things up last week. As expected, when I plugged in the first battery, I saw LED 1 and 2 start flashing. For a minute or two. A few minutes later, I noticed that just LED 1 was flashing. Concerned about a possible fault, I unplugged the battery. Press of the Home button now showed 0-25%.

    Anyhow, I checked the manual, and a flashing LED 1 is not a fault indicator (unless that has changed since the latest FW). So, with a close eye on things for possible trouble, I tried putting the battery back on the charger. For a minute or 2, just LED 1 flashing, suggesting 0-25%. Then after a few moments (and still on-going), I'm back to LEDs 1-3 flashing, suggesting somewhere between 50-75% ... which is what I would have expected in the first place given the level I stored the battery at!

    SO, I'm not particularly concerned with the health of my battery at the moment, everything seems to be back to normal. But these things don't just flake out for no reason. I'm curious if anyone else has observed such a momentary glitch when charging their batteries, and if so, are there any thoughts/opinions/conclusions about what might have happened?

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