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Oct 30, 2014
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    1. Fritz000001
      do you know what the best repair insurance is ? DJI said they would not cover me because my P4 had been activated for more than 48 hours , I didn't know it was a problem, since my drone was still in the box and had not been flown.
    2. pepa
      HI i have a phantom 4 and a Galaxy Tab E video keeps freezing up and video is very choppy I need help please.
      1. Bob Dennis
        Bob Dennis
        Take stout of the freezer numb nuts.
        Apr 15, 2017
    3. Drone Media
      Drone Media

      I am really urgently need some info, the SACAA has requested proof of a ICASA radio lic for the P4 or proof that a application has been lodge, does anyone know if this is available and how I can get my hand on this.

      ICASA type approval certificat for the RPA's and the controllers
    4. Mark Austin
      Mark Austin
      Hi - I'm new to my drone and love every minute with it. I'm not very technical savvy with my drone especially when you have to open it up and move wires around.

      Does anyone know of someone near Sterling (Potomac Falls), VA who can install a booster for me?
      1. Bob Dennis
        Bob Dennis
        well piss of somewhere else and moan to them
        Apr 15, 2017
    5. Ronny
      Msinger how are you sir. Has anybody else complained about DJI 4.0 ? My App on my Tablet crashes I am using the K1 Shield never had the issue before loading 4.0. Got any Ideas?
    6. Ronny
      Mr. Singer good to see you here again Sir. I need your help I down loaded the DJI go new version and now my tablet keeps crashing. I tried going back to the older version but my tablet says it's not there. What do I do now?
    7. Simzy666
      Hi and thanks for yr support. It just flew away from me. But if it landed in the water why isn't there a yellow line like before. I think something must been wrong
    8. Andreas1234
      Please, HELP!
    9. Andreas1234
      Some said hard reset the drone and install older software, but i couldn't find an older software, besides, I don't feel confortable to open up the drone and start touching things if there might be an easier way.

      Can you help me start up my gimbal again? Or has the update killed it irreversibly?
    10. Andreas1234
      Hello! I've heard you're some kind of drone wizard, hopefully you can help me:

      I updated the firmware on my Phantom 2, after I started it up the gimbal had died, doesn't start up and it doesn't even show the hardware on the PAssistant. Camera works fine though, i can see it on my phone and take pictures. I read on the internet that many have had this same issue but none found a solution.
    11. Screamjet
      I connect my IPad 2 to the Wifi of the RC and use the App to control the P3P. Sorry about the tech barrier, I am new to all this and trying my best.
    12. Screamjet
      New P
      msinger said: ↑
      Try relinking the remote controller like this:

      Click to expand...
      Phantom Help.

      In watching the video, it talks about linking the RC with the mobile device with a cable? I can't do that as my IPad does not connect with the USB end of the RC cable. And, the light on my RC are green, I am able to stream video however, the Red message on the App sais: RC Signal Lost.

    13. Theodrone
      PHANTOM 3 STANDARD IS NOT WORKING - Errors include - IMU Calibration required - Accelerometer fail - IMU Calibration incomplete. I am not able to recalibrate the IMU as after 1% it fails. The drone took off and flew off by its self and help would be appreciated (only had it 4 days)
    14. Sio
      I have a problem with my battery charger because it doesn't charge, what can I do?
      I was wondering if maybe is a problem with my battery or it is the charger, because when I connect the battery to the charger, it doesn't flash the light of the charger status, the only light that flashes is the 3S
    15. Wendell Quillen
      Wendell Quillen
      P3P HDMI Adapter issues. Wife picked up, appears to be the right adapter but after instal, nothing back out of the 1st usb port or any telemetry, after putting on the last cap with the HDMI port. Thinking the adapter is faulty. It has a suspicious color to, all I've ever seen on the cap's inside was plastic white. This one is copper in color. hmmm. Is this normal and why isn't this little guy working.
      Signed, Stupid.
    16. Ronny
      Msinger Is there a way to Search for a topic on here? I know we have talked about Insurance on here but I can't find a search tool.
    17. ahiflier
      My new Phantom 4 obstacle avoidance doesn't work
    18. Mustang Air
      Mustang Air
      Can I use my Galaxy Tab A to run my Phantom 4 Drone. If not what samsung tablet will work? Thanks
    19. Ronny
      msinger I need your help again sir please
    20. Superp4
      Thanks for the help but I just need a little more ☺ you refer to are the ones that are listed under the GPS?
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