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  1. Troyr

    Sep 13, 2016
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    I had a water incident with my P4 the other day. The good news is that I got it dried out and it is mostly flying again.

    I do get an error message on the tablet that there is an IMU error and to recalibrate. The recalibration goest to completion but on restarting the bird, i get the same message again. When I look at the sensors the app does note 'Data Error' for the gyroscope for IMU1

    In all other aspects the drone seems to fly ok - I had to replace one of the compasses and I seem to be down to just this IMU issue.

    Does anyone know which board(s) I would have to replace in order to replace IMU 1?

    I am thinking it is one of these boards:
    ESC Right
    ESC Left

    Thanks for any help you can offer