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GoPro 4 - Simultaneous Video and Stills

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D GoPro Gimbal' started by Mako79, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. Mako79

    May 16, 2014
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    Sydney Australia

    The Gopro can do simultaneous Video and Photos (at nominated intervals).
    On the Gopro 3+BE you can only do them at 1080p @ 30FPS with protune off. I like recording in 1080p @ 60fps but this disables the simultaneous video+photo capture.

    On the 4, is there a set configuration for the simultaneous video and photos to work? What 60FPS resolution supports the video+stills? I'm not too concerned about protune as it gives it a more dull look (editors prefer this).

    I've looked up the manual and it doesn't state the limitation on the Gopro 4.

    http://cbcdn2.gp-static.com/uploads/pro ... VC_WEB.pdf

    Many thanks in advance.