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Free VR app and free OSMO 360

Discussion in 'Osmo General Discusion' started by kenargo, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. kenargo

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    As a thanks to everyone that has supported DJI Ultimate Flight (DJI Ultimate Flight - v3 - Android Apps on Google Play) I am releasing a number of free apps for specialty operations for your enjoyment and use.

    The 1st one is for the OSMO and is called OSMO 360. As yo may have guessed this is a panorama app but includes much more than just simple panorama. In additional to the traditional methods to shoot a panorama the app includes a mode that can create panoramas in a row-first operation, great when shooting in a fluid environment where you need to pause or have an area cleared before your shoot. You can get the OSMO 360 app here: OSMO 360 Panorama - Android Apps on Google Play.

    The second one is a VR Goggle app and is nearing release but you can get a beta now by visiting. As the name suggests this is a dedicated VR app with head movement gimbal control. There is a special mode coming soon that I think will revolutionize VR for the Phantom and more about that will come later. The VR app is here: Sign in - Google Accounts

    Enjoy the apps and remember check out Ultimate Flight (DJI Ultimate Flight - v3 - Android Apps on Google Play) and continue to support my apps so that I can continue to create them!