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  1. brettinteriors

    Jun 1, 2016
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    Well, I had a great weekend planned of boating and first active track video with my drone. Alas, my boat had an issue so I rode on my friends boat. In the chaos I didn't clear my SD card and only actually recorded about three minutes. I was able to experiment with active track and learned quite a bit.
    1. I will only use my ipad. I used my phone and when I got a notification or text active track stopped working.
    2. I will want another battery. Purchased
    3. I will want a bigger SD card.Purchased

    Does anyone in here have good experience with active track vs follow me? My understanding is follow me is strictly GPS based and more choppy but would not loose the object.
    Active track is more finicky and can loose the object but clearly is better at tracking the object specifically when the operator is not in the object.

    Experience or opinions are appreciated

    Also, after the fact I read that when in active track I can manually control the drone and it will keep the camera on the object?
    Is this correct?
    If corrext when I stop the manual control will is continue active tracking?
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  2. r62ewa

    Mar 30, 2016
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    You can control the Phantom while Active Tracking to a degree. You can change its elevation and you can use the right control stick to make it rotate around the object to do a 360º shot while keeping the subject in view.

    Once you stop using the controls in Active Track it will continue to track the subject from behind as normal.
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