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Your thoughts - Payload Control for P2V+

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by garrock, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. garrock

    Apr 29, 2014
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    Portsmouth Ohio USA
    Note: a similar thread is in the P3 forum section but many of us stay in our own forum section.

    Advance Payload Control

    Please tell all of us here what you would do if you had a Payload Control System.

    To date.. what has been the point (or payload) for the drones we fly ?
    • We are out to fly a camera as a "payload" ; right ?
    • Antennas and Boosters: Some of us are out brag about deep down range distances. (but is that really a "payload" ? Not really. Antennas and boosters extend the range to fly a payload. But not a viable reason for the flight-sorte.)
    • So, what else ???

    What would you control?
    1. Multi-Colored LED light strings:
      • Sync'ed to music playing on the ground
      • Modulated to your voice
      • Pre-programmed lighting patterns
      • Pool/Party Entertainment Drones
    2. High Intensity Search Lighting
    3. LASER Light Shows: Dazzling laser scanning patterns
    4. Loud Speaker and Microphone
      • We can see Points Of Interest but we cannot talk to or hear them
    5. Drop Mechanisms:
      • Optional downlink confirms the drop status (released or still loaded, etc.)
      • Fishing: drop bait on-top a school of fish
      • Supply Drops: food, drink, medicine, or leisure time party goods
      • Child Entertainment: drop parachute action figures ... lol
    6. Air Sampling:
      • Fungus, Spores, Mold (eg agriculture, horticulture, agronomy)
    7. Radio Repeater:

    Possible Applications:

    1. Search And Rescue
    2. Entertainment
    3. Hobby
    4. Security / Deterrent (eg a deterrent would be scaring deer out of the fields)
    5. Agriculture
    6. Fishing
    7. Radio Communications

    Payload Control: Technical Feature-Points to Consider:
    1. Small and lite weight. Easily adds on and attaches to any drone.
    2. Ground Control User Interface (connects to the ground side payload uplink transmitter):
      • Any RC transmitter/controller; but not its radio module. Connects via: Trainer Output Port
      • Smart Device (eg Android or iOS). Connects via: a) Headphone Jack b) USB Port c) Bluetooth
    3. The Payload Radio Link should use a completely separate radio frequency band:
      • 900mhz or 5.8ghz
      • Do not use 2.4ghz for the payload radio link
      • the payload radio link MUST NOT interfere with the drones existing radio control link
      • most DJI drones use 2.4ghz (ie LightBridge) as the control and video link
    4. Optional two-way communications with the payload
    5. A somewhat high speed data link (fast enough to sustain a digital audio stream; but not video)
    6. Various I/O pins:
      • RC servo
      • Serial Ports (UART, SPI, I2C, etc)
      • Audio: a) Line-in b) Line-out c) I2S d) etc
      • General purpose digital/analog input/outputs
      • High drive current lines
    7. Use its own rechargeable battery or connect into the drones power source
    8. Third party hardware and software add-on and development kits
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