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  1. Drestin Black

    Jul 4, 2016
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    Sterling Heights, MI
    I click Follow me, set height about, what, 30 feet and click Apply. And from that point, my P4 will follow the controller and maintain altitude and distance and angle to me. BUT it won't go faster than 13.5 mph. Is this your experience?

    A max speed of 13.5 in Follow me makes this useless for me (I don't run/jog or do low speed sports; I drive things). How can I increase the maximum speed in Follow Me (not Active Track) mode?

    [In Active Track I've gone faster, about 20 mph, so long as it has a good lock on the image. If it would stay locked onto my car better I'd use Active Track, but, alas, my black Expedition, while driving, is apparently not a reliably, big enough target for it)