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FPV receiver powered by 2 cell or 3 cell LiPo difference

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by RCblog.nl, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. RCblog.nl

    Jul 2, 2014
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    The Netherlands
    I was wondering... will there be a difference in performance when using an FPV receiver with a 2 cell or 3 cell LiPo?
    I have a Skyzone SKY-700D monitor with dual diversity receiver, but the battery bay only allows for 2 cell packs to fit inside. At least none of the 3S packs I have will fit.
    The monitor works with 2 to 6S LiPo's and I have always used comparable monitors/receivers with a 3S LiPo.

    So going to use 2S now, will that affect the receiving range? Screen brightness appears to be the same at the maximum level (thought there would be a difference as well), so... is it safe to say that there's actually no point in using anything more than 2S on such a monitor/receiver?
  2. hrosee

    Jul 30, 2014
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    You won't do any better than you are doing with the 2s. Anything that takes a wide range of voltages just regulates the voltage down to what it needs. Just don't use any less and certainly not any more voltage than the specs say you can use.

    Hope this helps.