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CFIT or why won't it descend?

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Alarm Man, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Alarm Man

    Jun 28, 2015
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    I should probably start by explaining I've been working 18 hour days in 35c in the shade, bug I've been working in the sun. I am currently VAeRY tired, and not on my best game. I thought this might help newbies like myself. I have already worked out several scenarios for not making the same mistakes. Happy to hear others opinions.

    So there I was first flight of three flew out towards my objective, limit of LOS (approx 500m) and lost sight of the bird. Whilst looking for it decided to do a RTH. Hit the button then press and hold ok, it beeps I'm looking for the bird when I look back disconnected aargh.

    Slowly start to see it, it arrives over the home point starts descending and I try to slow it for a catch. It's having nothing of it..... A little bounce and it's safe.

    Hmm, power button on left RTH on right, same action to operate both.

    Having fired up my controller again 2nd flight no problem.

    Third, I fly out to max LOS again and loose sight of the bird, almost straight out from take off. Full back until I hear the bees, I look up and towards the sound and there's the bird floating nicely. A bit of down stick, nothing, a bit more still nothing, check vs, it appears to be moving but to the 250+ meters to my view I see nothing happening. I start to think CSC, but there's plenty of battery. So continue with the down stick. I'm looking at Vs, Hs etc, when I notice the sky has shifted below the ground...... However my bird is still way up.

    I find MY bird 259 meters away I had slowly flown it down into the ground, the bird I was watching was of the feathered variety.....

    Just a tale of learning.

    The P3p wound up upside down with one smashed prop. I replaced them restarted check compass (now 1490 from 1480 earlier). Flew slowly and carefully for 3 of 4 minutes then ramped it up whilst keeping close, no problems, what a tough old bird!
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