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Black Pearl all in one, what else do I need?

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by WolfSpring, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:01 PM.

  1. WolfSpring

    Feb 11, 2016
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    I own a P2 with the H3-3d gimbal

    I won a black pearl all in one kit last night for a price way to low to pass up, I have been doing my homework and understand that I will need an FPV hub because of my transmitter and would be better with a imersonic or the like transmitter anyway, so may want to upgrade that as opposed to getting a hub. I also need a power cable, that is supposedly the only thing wrong with this setup(it's missing), I was looking and saw a charging cable for 30 bucks and a battery charger for 25 bucks, my question is:

    Would getting the battery charger be better than the cable due to price and the fact I may get a second battery? That said, is a second battery ever needed? I don't have a second for my bird yet.

    I understand that I can record from the Gopro and see on the black pearl correct? I will look into telemetry and autopilot stuff down the road this was just too good a deal to pass on. And as of right now I'm happy with getting the recording on the gopro itself. Are there any other considerations I need to be thinking of?

    I am still pretty much a noob with this stuff, I have a generally good understanding of electronics and communications though and from what I've seen this is a really easy install.
  2. Cobs

    Sep 12, 2016
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    Cumbria, UK
    Once you add a video transmitter (on the same channels as your monitor) and its hooked into your GoPro's USB socket you should receive vid on your monitor, yes the GoPro will be recording what your monitor is seeing. For telemetry you just need a Mini OSD, check this video for some info, its basically what youll need to be doing ...

    Ive only ever had 1 battery with mine, been many times i wish i had more lol
    The telemetry is not recorded on the GoPro btw just transmitted to your goggles/monitor ... which you could feed to a vid recorder if you wished for telemetry in a seperate video to what the GoPro is recording.

    Go for the battery charger i would say.

    Its simple modding for a guy like you, good luck ;)
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