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  1. Ken Pelletier

    Mar 20, 2016
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    Is it a surprise to anyone else that changing the video settings for things like Style and Color on the Video menu also change those settings for the Still Photo menu?

    For example, I shoot video D-Log, using a Custom Style where I reduce the sharpening, contrast and saturation. (DJI's - "0" settings for these are actually adding sharpness, contrast and saturation). This is to allow the maximum latitude in post for these - you can't unsharpen something sharpened in camera, eg. Very common approach for filmmaking.

    Since these options exist separately for each of the video and still photo menus, it would suggest that they can be set independently for vid/stills. This makes sense not only from a photography/cinematography p.o.v. but also from a UI perspective.

    However, changing the vid Style, for example, also changes the stills setting, and vice versa. Anyone else with me on this? It's incredibly inconvenient and unexpected.

    This also raises the question: if you're shooting RAW stills, do these settings have any effect whatsoever for still shots? (common sense says no, only when JPEG or RAW+JPEG, and only the JPEG image would be affected). I can try some tests when I have a chance.