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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ copter or all parts EU

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Karanba, May 10, 2016.

  1. Karanba

    Dec 26, 2015
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    So I am selling my Phantom 2 Vision+ with Storm32 GoPro gimbal, 100% working and has FPV from GoPro. I am selling it for 350 Euros OR if there are folks who need parts I am willing to take it apart in order to sell it. Phantom is with Storm32 3-axis gimbal, does not have original gimbal or camera. Parts :

    - WiFi Modul v3 with vent holes - 80 Euro

    - NAZA Modul - 60 Euro

    - Mainboard with 4 x ESC + 4 x 2212 Motors - 80 Euro

    - RC 5,8 GHz v2 with RE700 Range Extender - 40 Euro

    - GPS Modul + Compass + complete housing - 40 Euro

    - Original Battery + charger - 40 Euro

    - Storm32 3-axis gimbal - 40 Euro

    I prefer EU buyers because it is easier to ship to UK and EU but smaller parts can also be shipped to USA. So you can reply what you want to buy and if everything finds buyer I will take payments trough PayPal and ship parts. Small parts like cables, RC antennas, WiFi antennas I am giving with appropriate purchase.
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