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Band New P4: aircraft stability issues and gimble calibration issues. Any solutions?

Discussion in 'Phantom 4 Help' started by imax111, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. imax111

    May 29, 2016
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    I have had little to no problems with serious flight times on my first P4. Stable as a rock even in extreme and poor conditions. Not so with my newest one.

    Test conditions:
    • Open area in a rural area with low to no electrical interference.
    • 83 degrees
    • Partly cloudy
    • Humidity 1%
    • Wind gusts up to 4 mph
    Pre fight check list all systems were optimum.

    The problems.

    I just activated and tested my second P4 today. It is not nearly as stable as my other one. After an hour of us, gimble became increasinly unsteady and erratic. More stable going up than coming down. Calibration pre flight was good. Subsequent calibrations shows good too. Stability was poor in hover mode. Drift issues in near zero wind conditions.

    What I tried to mitigated issue.
    • Latest firmware updates.
    • Multiple calibrations of gimble only worsened condition.
    • Multiple IMU calibrations
    • Multiple compass re-calibrations.
    • No improvement in aircraft stability
    • Worsening gimble operation and stability.
  2. Erised

    Apr 2, 2016
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    If you do multiple IMU calibrations in a row the quad gets hot and the calibrations will just get worse. Make sure the bird is cool before doing a IMU calibration as this has helped many. My last calibration was done at 10c and all is real good. Make sure the bird is on a flat level surface with no movement or vibrations as this will mess with the accelerometers. Do a gimbal calibration next then go outside away from metal or objects and do a compass calibration.
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