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Jan 7, 2014
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Lost Angeles


Taco Wrangler, from Lost Angeles

Staff Member
    1. dangrand1103
      Hi Ianwood....your posts are pretty impressive. Question...I have two P3P's and of course two Controllers. Does it make any difference which controller or P3P I use with each other?
    2. erkark
      i want P3 Firmware Development forum.

      i already PM you as well.
    3. Quinn Mikelson
      Quinn Mikelson
      I started a conversation with you, but I'll post here as well. I wanted to get in on the P3 firmware discussion.
    4. dkovar
      Did you ever get the data structures for DJI's FLY.DAT file? I could use them. If not, I am working on documenting them and writing a parser in Python.

    5. wnsrx@hotmail.com
      Where is your thread on the futaba 14 profile? I need to recheck
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    6. Apilot101
      Ian, what made you decide to remove the firmware development thread?? DId you give up on the thought?
    7. Tim D
      Tim D
      Hi, can you add me to your sub forum, very interested.
    8. harrybub
      Hmm, I thought I sent you a PM but I'm not sure about this forum software. Anyway...
      I would love to be included in the P3 firmware dev forum. I have a few skills in this area and a checkbook. :)
    9. George Race
      George Race
      Good afternoon, I would like to become a member of the Development Group. Lots of background in machine language and reverse engineering. But little or no experience with the P3 language. Never too old to learn!
      Not sure how I can contribute but always willing to learn.
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    10. glataif
      Can you unblock my IP?
    11. duceno1
      Hi, I read the thread on how to set up the 14gs to P2. I am a quadriplegic. I would be interested in an adjustment where not ever tremor of my hand results in a change of flight. Also I am interested in being able to have the camera focus on an object as it circles it. Is this possible by just flipping a switch. I ask bc the traditional manner of doing so is difficult given my lack of coordination. Thanks
    12. Cmartman
      Good morning. Do you have a method I could contact you and discuss a couple of things.
      I'm developing an application called "CmartManuals": basically allowing users to convert PDF manuals then add content like photos, video, notes, etc. I would like to find a few "testers"

      Thanks, Dean Mcinnis
    13. Pcdeveloper2014
      hi there , interesting to read the post on the fly away and the data Collected,

      I would be very interested in putting together one of those CAN data loggers you mentioned .

      Is this a kit ? or totally custom ?

      I could build one of i know what bits we need ,

      A data recorder like the is invaluable to fault find these types of events.

      thanks in advance

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    14. G-unit
      Hi Ian,
      My name is Gary, sorry to bother you but i was referred to you over on inspire pilots forum, On my inspire i am looking for a canbus port or wire that i can tap into to put a fpv cam and a osd, and was wondering if you may know where or how i can do this ?
      Thanks for your time.
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