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Help setting up the tilt feature

Discussion specifically related to the Zenmuse HERO Gimbal for DJI Phantom

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Help setting up the tilt feature

Postby kingsolomon12 » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:26 am

I just received and installed my DJI Zenmuse Gimbal with PMU V2 on my Phantom as per the video instructions online. Quality is top notch as it should be for the price and the results are exactly as you would expect, I'm very impressed indeed. I have all the latest software, the only thing I have not figured out is how to adjust the tilt angle of the gimbal using the 7th channel on the back of the remote. No lever (such as the one seen in the video where Colin first showcases the gimbal) was included with the zenmuse kit but it seems u can just use a screwdriver to turn them. I tried both and neither appears to work. Do I have to enable something in the Naza Assistant software for this to start working as I have not changed anything in the settings but my gimbal itself is working perfectly ? I did notice in the Naza Assistant there was a calibration option for X1 which I believe is the channel I'm looking for and there is also a gimbal option which mine currently has turned to off. Are these the 2 things that need to be adjusted and if so how exactly do I do that & which hole in the back of the transmitter is the one I should be turning as I tried both. I do not have the Zenmuse software installed though, just realized that, will this be needed for what I'm trying to do ? Thanks u guys in advance for any help, much appreciated.

MarK. :)
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Re: Help setting up the tilt feature

Postby Moonglider » Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:19 pm


Connect your phantom to your computer and run the Naza Assistant and start the calibration and turn the X1 all the way from left to right a few times (X1 is the upper hole on the back of your transmitter)

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