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Battery life for the range extender

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Battery life for the range extender

Postby Macdougal » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:06 pm

Well I made my first flight on P2V a few minutes ago and I am amazed at how easy it lifted off, flew and landed softly.
I was sure it would bolt straight up and come down hard but I am so glad I bought this one.

I have a spare batter for the craft and for the TX but the range extender? I am not sure how long the extender will run without a charge. Anyone have information on this? Thanks
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Re: Battery life for the range extender

Postby iDrone » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:50 pm

The range extender has a 2amp 3.7v LiPo in it, more likely you'll run out fuel before it will in a typical flying day. That said, some have flown as many as 8-10 flights before getting a low battery light. The huge capacity also explains why it takes so long to top-off with typical USB chargers.

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