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NM Assistant App.

Discuss the DJI Phantom Vision Camera and FPV System

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NM Assistant App.

Postby Shedracer » Fri Nov 08, 2013 8:55 pm

Just a thought, I'm wondering if the vision can use the Naza NM Assistant App. I used this with my standard Phantom, as I didn't have direct access to a PC. I had to install a Naza M V2 PMU with a BTU module, but it worked brilliantly. It allowed me to check and adjust using the assistant, out in the field, very useful.

So it would be great to use on the Vision. So I'm just wondering if the Vision is compatible or whether you will have to fit the Naza M V2 PMU and a BTU module, to use it, or is it compatible without any mods, anybody done this?

Better still, DJI could just have a NM Assistant App that works via the Vision wifi, instead of Bluetooth.
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