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Zenmuse H43D versions - v.1 vs. v.2

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-2D GoPro Gimbal' started by iowahill, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. iowahill

    Sep 6, 2015
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    Roseville, CA
    My Phantom 2+ came with the H43D gimbal to which I added the GoPro Hero3 30-pin bus connector modification. I bought my Hero3+ Black as "refurbished" and found when it arrived that the USB connector was missing its inner contacts, so using it for FPV was out of the question unless I used the GoPro bus. The greatest advantages for my particular setup is a) I can operate without the GoPro battery since power comes through the Zenmuse and video is passed through to the P2 main board, b) I can remove the memory card without having to fumble with the USB plug, C) a little weight savings because I'm not using the GoPro battery (though someone suggested the weight savings didn't exist, I disagree).

    I bought the bus mod kit off of Amazon for about $15, and installation was pretty easy, though a delicate touch is needed to prevent damaging the Zenmuse cable. I had a rather bad crash of my bird a while back which bent the vertical gimbal arm of my H43D. I took it apart and was able to straighten the arm without any difficulty, but managed to break the flat cabling that connects the gimbal motors to the electronics. Not realizing that I could buy a replacement cable at the time, I went ahead and ordered another H43D from B&H Photo. I bought a "used" but tested and working model for $169 with free shipping and no tax, so consider that a real bargain!

    Getting to the point of this post, as I looked at the new gimbal side by side with my original I found that the new gimbal does not have the cutout and blocking plate that my original has. I understand that DJI stopped providing the Hero bus connector because of a licensing dispute with GoPro (those wacky Chinese!), so I'm going to guess that my original Zenmuse was assembled with older parts and the new one has the newer back plate without the cutout. My P2+ was bought in July of 2015, and the replacement H43D was purchased in December, 6 months later.

    I have ordered a replacement cable for my original gimbal but will swap the camera mounting plate out from my original so that I can still have the Hero 30-pin bus connector and enjoy FPV once again. An image of the old style which I call "v.1" on the left, and the newer "v.2" on the right is below. The cutout area that I'm citing is highlighted.