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Workflow for D-LOG and LUTs?

Discussion in 'Editing (Photo and Video)' started by NotARubicon, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. NotARubicon

    Jan 29, 2016
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    Southern California / Inland Empire
    I'm wondering what everyone's workflow is for color correction when shooting in D-Log and applying LUTs?

    Do you balance color & exposure/contrast first then add & adjust the LUT? Or do you throw in the LUT first, then adjust? Or, something different?

    I'm using Final Cut Pro X, but i'm sure the basic workflow is the same no matter what post-processing/editor is used.
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  2. Jussaguy

    Jan 19, 2016
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    First thing you need to do in your workflow is change the codec from h.264 to a workable codec so you can take your D-Log, color correct it and whatever else effects and then send it out for final deliverable. Here is the thread I made on it. D-Log is just a color style and really doesn't need any special workflow outside of needing more color correction than something with a preset.

    WORKFLOW: How do you take h.264 garbage and make it useable for editing (per requests)

    Happy Flying.