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Update advice

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by Norcat, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Norcat

    Dec 25, 2015
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    Just fired up my new P3P for the first time and it said everything needed updating, so the RC is updated to v1.5.80. And the Aircraft is still on v1.4.10 and the App is on v2.7.90.
    What does the panel advise , should I update the App and Aircraft or leave them as they are as everything seems to work, also it said the battery needs updating but I have read some posts that seem to say the latest software isn't as good.
    Do I update the to the latest or stay where I am?
    Any advice appreciated as there are some conflicting views.
  2. flyNfrank

    Feb 1, 2014
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    Indy, USA
    STAY on 1.4.1. There is people with the most recent firmware that would pay to be on that version.

    Btw, I ignore the update message.
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