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Touchy Phantom (Manual Flight) (After T8J to 8FG conversion)

Discussion in 'Phantom 1 Help' started by visi0n, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. visi0n

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Hey All -- great forum, I've really gotten over alot of hurdles from this site over the last few months. Can't say enough about it.

    I have a NAZA v2 Phantom with T-Motors on her. She came from ProfotoUav as part of a bundle, with a Futaba T8J remote.
    Right out of the box, the stability was fantastic. Easy to hover and track with subjects in FPV in manual mode. I was thrilled with the "feel."

    Then I went and messed up a good thing.

    I decided to switch it over to my 8FG Super Radio, b/c having a 8FG and 8J seemed a touch redundant.
    Ever since I did the switchover, I haven't been able to get "back" to that feel.

    I calibrated the throw distances in the assistant software and got the failsafes and switches worked out easily enough thanks to these forums. The thing, I can't seem to get right is my Dual Rates / Expo to get back to that stable flight and I can't figure out why it's so touchy to hover, now.

    When I look at the 8J -- there didn't appear to be any Dual Rates / Expo defined that all. It was just a stock setup from what I can tell. I've tried setting up a Dual Rate / EXPO putting 90% max and -35% rates on Rudder, Ail, Elevator channels.
    It feels a little better but I do still have to focus more on keeping the thing in the air, than I previously did.

    That, and the throttle - hover area seems really touchy. It might be at middle stick (or right at it) but you have to be RIGHT on.

    Just curious if anyone flying with a 8FG or similar would share their thoughts and suggested settings to make my Phantom less touchy again :)
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