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Professional Thoughts and don't give up hope!

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by Swoop_58, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Swoop_58

    Jul 23, 2016
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    Hi Everyone...
    I thought I'd share my recent experience and maybe get some advice at the same time.
    I've been flying my P3A for a few weeks now and happily getting some good footage. However, on a short break I flew it up and down a river when disaster struck and I clipped a tree. The drone screamed and dropped straight into the water. Tried to locate it but couldn't find it. Had no other option but to leave it. Came back a week later with dry suit on, walked up and down river and eventually found it stuck underwater caught up in branches. I was just happy to get it back.
    Getting it home, I decided to try and dry it out, even though I realistically knew there was no chance of it working! Packed it in rice for 7 days. Last night I put in a fresh battery and fired it up - expecting nothing to happen. Wrong!! It went through it's usual start-up: sounds, LED's flashing, gimble rotates. Switched on RC...green light. They were connected! Couldn't believe this. Connected the app and got a camera view. However, that's where the good news ends. Trying to start the motors produces no results and I get the "ESC STATUS ERROR" message.
    I think it's likely that when it hit the tree, the rotor stopped so suddenly that it fried the ESC on that arm at least, or possibly burned out the motor. Being underwater for a week won't have done the motors any good either.
    Anyone got any advice about what I should next? Do I try replacing motors etc, or is this a hopeless cause? Am I right in thinking that is any of the ESC's are damaged the main board has to be replaced too??
    Many thanks for your help....love the forum