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Stretched My Legs Today, 12000 feet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Air Ontario, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Air Ontario

    Jan 11, 2016
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    U.S./ Canada
    Didn't appear the wind was going to get much better, at least for a few more months, so decided to
    stretch the Pro's legs anyway and test my bush pilot skills on the Quad.

    I didn't video(forgot), however I did a screenshot after the ship hit the sand when I lost signal and received a battery warning, RTH initiated, bird spun around towards home and started ascending and coming home all at the same time. So I was slow on the trigger and snapped at 11,600 ft or so on way back home.

    I left home point and ascended to ~150 ft for the flight over the frozen lake.

    Wind was a quartering headwind @ 20 MPH gust to 26.7 I lost the bird several times after RTH initiated but was able to get it back on the remote as it approached the near shoreline and I bled off some altitude to 30 ft or so.

    Had to land on the ice about 15 ft away from me as the battery was low and I didn't want to attempt a hand catch with a battery issue in progress.

    I am constantly amazed at the range of these UAVs.....
    12000 ft. or 2.277 miles or 3.68 Kilometers @ 170 ft on a
    30020G25KT 9SM BKN 027 OVC 034 04/M01 METAR day.

    Here is a screenshot @ 11600 ft after RTH initiated, bird began ascending and had started back towards home.