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  1. herkam

    Jun 1, 2014
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    I flew a mission with the P4 today and the P4 had to struggle to keep the speed on the upwind legs. Suddenly I noticed that the battery indicator went from 57% to 0% and then back to 57%.

    I'm using litchi so I got the flight log and loaded it into excel to see what happened. The P4 was working hard and the current was over 20A (if the scaling is right) on the upwind legs but the cell voltages wasn't doing anything strange. The transmission from the P4 was ok during the incident since the gyro data was alive. For 1 second (6 samples I think) the battery stayed at 0%.

    The temp of the battery was ok, 30-40°C

    My theory is that the battery was overloaded during the upwind leg and that caused it to indicate 0%, any other ideas?


    P4 battery log.jpg

    P4 battery log_1.jpg