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Standard Rc signal loss

Discussion in 'Phantom 3 Help' started by maxis, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. maxis

    Apr 4, 2016
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    Please help I just picked up my first drone and I'm loving it. After I bought extra batteries and a case I thought hmm lets get a range extender. I ordered the Blue Proton for the dji standard. I did some research, watched videos and installed.

    First flight after the install and every flight since I can only get to about 1700' out at an altitude of around 200'. At this point I start getting a "rc signal weak" red bar on the app...

    I have the antennas in the proper direction (not pointing straight out) I have the beginner mode off, video link stays strong.

    From what I read I should be getting well over double to 3x the distance, any tips?(besides get the p3a or p3p)..
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