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Range Extender Telemetry Spotty...Can You Help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MikeTess, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. MikeTess

    Dec 30, 2014
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    Long Island, NY
    P2V+ V3 here...the battery percentage of the range extender seems to be spotty. 50% of the time the battery percentage of the extender will appear on my app and 50% of the time it won't. However, the Phantom battery always appears as does the number of satellites. I'm using a Nexus 7 android. I checked the cable connections going into the gimbal and they are all seated well. Sometimes getting out of the app and back in helps. Sometimes the reading reappears after switching out a depleted battery. It's really not a major deal since I always fly with everything charged 100% or very close to it. Just wondering since it is kind of unsettling. Thank you.