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  1. mdh2861

    Jul 11, 2016
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    I figure a thread like this could help a lot of people..... I have not crashed, and do not plan to but I feel it is inevitable. . If you have crashed and had to repair, please answer the following questions which may help others make decisions when their time comes.

    1. "Brief" statement of crash damage
    2. What "broke"?
    3. Did you have insurance, if so, what insurance, how much did it cost? Did they cover it?
    4. Did you Fix it yourself, sell it on ebay and buy another or send it out?

    5A. Self Fix
    - Where did you buy parts?
    - How much did it cost?
    - How difficult was the repair?
    - Would you use this method again?
    - Total out of pocket expenses?

    5B. Sending it out
    - Where did you send it?
    - How long did it take?
    - What was replaced/fixed?
    - How much did it cost?
    - Would you re-use this service?
    - Total out of pocket?

    5C. Parting out/Selling on ebay/other options
    - How did you salvage money from your busted p4?
    - How much did you salvage?
    - Did you replace your p4 with used/new/refurbished?
    - Total out of pocket expenses for this method?