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  1. TN22

    Mar 22, 2016
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    During my first "track me" flight everything was going perfectly. ..I turned around and was walking away and my P4 followed diligently. .when suddenly my wife exclaimed it was flying away!
    Sure enough it headed straight toward my shop building at a high rate of speed... no chance to react. .. it hit hard enough to sound like someone hit it with a bat. The battery separated from the body and both pieces landed about 10 feet from the wall from about a 14 foot height. Ok. I'm posting this because I am fairly confident some glitch happened software wise or otherwise.
    I went into EMT mode and put it on a gurney and managed to pop some of the pieces back together it has a slightly fractured arm....the battery case was a little tweaked however a visit to the chiropractor straightened it out.....after a quick sensor and compass recalibration...shoved that same battery in it and gave it go... amazingly it acts like nothing happened...