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  1. RPP


    Jul 29, 2016
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    I know there is another ongoing thread about Litchi. I bought the app last night and went through the documentation and some videos on YouTube (MontanaMonk has a couple of very good tutorials). Before I take it out for a test run, I want to confirm a few things.

    Let's say I want to run a mission with waypoints that I have programmed. In the field, I -

    - Fire up the Litchi app, put it in FPV mode (assume I have gone through the hardware pre-check list)
    - In the FPV mode, I arm the rotors and manually launch the craft, taking it to an altitude (say, 30 metres)
    - Let the craft hover. Then go into the Waypoints mode on Litchi, load the mission, hit the Play button.
    - The craft is off on its mission.
    - Final waypoint I have programmed as "Back to 1". The craft comes to waypoint 1 and hovers at the set altitude.
    - I switch to FPV mode in Litchi and manually land the craft.

    Throughout the entire flight, Phantom 4 is set to P flight mode.

    Am I missing anything above? Any errors in my understanding? Any tips?

    Additional question: After I end the flight with Litchi, can I exit it and then run a different flight with DJI Go right away?
  2. Jayfdee

    Apr 22, 2015
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    Morecambe Bay UK
    That is how I do it. To end the mission, I just toggle the P switch to ATTI and back to P,you then have control, even if you are still in Waypoint mode. I always do it this way,not sure if switching to FPV ends the mission.
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