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East bay, Sacramento, Stockton, show of hands....

Discussion in 'Northwest USA' started by Super Dave, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Super Dave

    Jul 28, 2016
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    I'm taking a preliminary show of hands of how many people we could get to show up.
    I rent a small shack on a big farm, on Grand Island. Middle of the California Delta.
    Very scenic, hundreds of acres of corn, with views of Mount Diablo and the coast range, and also the Sacramento River.
    We're right on the River, have a big grassy area to congregate, all types of drones welcome. Could fit probably a couple dozen or couple hundred people.
    If we could get it off the ground, it could be epic.
    The landlord...he's very private and religious and it would take some prodding. Possibly signing a waiver or bribery. Maybe $5 each or something, and no, I don't want a single penny.
    Should do before or after the rainy season, as the entrance I plan is a short dirt road and the grassy area will swallow vehicles, once it gets wet.
    Lots of fairly windy days, but I've been having a ball with my P3P almost every day.
    Would be a great place to drive onto, Maybe have barbeques, swap meet, networking, and of course, have a ball flying for miles and miles. No buildings, very few wires.
    Let me know who would be interested and we'll see if it's worth approaching the landlord.