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DroneView Tech - Looking for Experienced Pilots in Arizona

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by AGray, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. AGray

    Jan 15, 2016
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    Bloomfield Hills, MI
    DroneView Technologies does inspection based service work for enterprise clients throughout the nation. We're currently looking for a pilots with experience in Arizona. DroneView does the sales work and logistics so that a pilot can focus on what they're best at.. flying. We ask for a typed resume as well as a video resume of the of the pilots abilities.

    The responsibilities of the position include: Safe and effective piloting of UAV/sUAS/Quadcopters/Drones for various applications and services. The candidate will also be responsible for post-flight data processing, client relations, and data entry. You will be managing, editing, and delivering captured videos/images. The candidate should send a typed resume as well as a video resume of themselves piloting. Send your info to


    Pilot Experience
    • At Least 1 year exp and 8+ hrs flying their Quad, Hex, or Octocopter for paying clients
    • A portfolio of at least 3 clients, with video proof.
    • Ability to complete three main maneuvers for inspection purposes
    1. Increase/decrease altitude while keeping the object in the center of the frame using tilt.

    2. Roll left/right while using yaw to keep the object in the in the center of the frame

    3. Ability to circle the object and keep it in the frame.
    • Exp with video editing software (AdobeSuites/FinalCut/AVID etc)
    Platform Qualifications
    • Preferably a DJI Phantom 3 or better within the DJI Series. This will make our services consistent throughout.
    **HomeBuilt Rigs**

    Operators are permitted to fly their own rigs as long as it has similar capabilities and failsafes to that of commercial drones. The platform must have GPS capabilities and RTH features in case of emergency. It must also carry a camera that can capture high resolution photo and video. A GoPro will not work unless it has the ability to switch between fisheye and standard view.
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