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Drone Laws in Croatia

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by glympsefromabove, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. glympsefromabove

    Feb 17, 2016
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    I'm visiting Croatia now and brought my P3A.

    I've been researching the laws here, and it is quite difficult because most everything is in Croatian and not English. I will be flying recreationally.

    Does anyone have more details about what is needed to legally fly in Croatia? I'm aware to not fly at night, within line of sight, not above crowds of people or buildings, and not near airports.

    From what I've found, I may need the following:
    • Airworthiness certificate
    • Operators’ Certificate
    Are these needed? And if so, how do I acquire them?

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. neven

    Jan 5, 2016
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    Zagreb, Croatia, Europe
    If you want to fly legally in Croatia you will face so many stupid bureaucracy that you will give up. On the other side you should do something really dumb to get in trouble for flying your drone without any licence here. Where exactly are you going?

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  3. 28wins

    May 29, 2014
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    But Croatia is beautiful, especially by the sea.
  4. neven

    Jan 5, 2016
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    Zagreb, Croatia, Europe
    Croatia is amazing. The sceneries you can capture from above are breathtaking. My advice to OP was not to even bother with attempt to get required licences (chances are slim to none) but to fly without them using common sense. He (yes, I just assumed the gender) would have to do something very stupid or be super unlucky to get in trouble for flying a drone here.

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  5. ck2356

    Dec 27, 2016
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    In Croatia laws for drones are so stupid.
    I do not check new lows and regulation here in Croatia because it’s not make common sense.
    But last regulative that I read Is so stupid that no one want, or no one can't to comply.
    But here some info if you like to be “legal” (this is maybe not authoritative because lows are once in a while change and can be read (in Croatia) in many direction :) )

    1. Civil aviation – take flight license – fill one document
    2. Enter your aircraft in database one document with
    - Aircraft type
    - Manufacturer
    - Firmware
    - Personal information of owner
    - Insurance policy (but no one knows on how money)
    - Bla blab la ond som other unnecessary information

    3. Put metal plate with owner information on drone (must be readable if aircraft burn in fire or explode …. Ha ha like this is every day event

    When you spend more time than money on this then you will go to next step of stupidity
    If you wan to record video or take photos from above, you have to have permission from National Cadastral Office. This means that you have to send them all information from 1,2 and 3 dots from above and flight plan, date, hight and location where you want to take photo survey.
    They will approve or disapprove your request. This will take TWO WEEKS.
    If you gain permission you can fligh.
    After you take your video you are not allowed to publish it on line on YouTube or any other service.
    You must send them video ( I don’t know how ---- probably on some dual layer DVD ??? FUC&#"%&$&#") and ask for permission for publishing online.
    This is why some stupidest people, tailor laws in Croatia. Or I should say bureauCrOacya.
    Here some info on regulation:

    4 Zones:
    1 - No Rural areas, lakes, see, pastures and fields, woods, No building, no people (no residents)
    2 – some rural, building with no residents,
    3 – rural areas like villages or city periphery with business, living, recreational areas
    4 – Rural areas city centers, and highly populates areas

    3 class of aircrafts
    1 – under 5 kg
    2 – between 5 and 25
    3 – between 25 and 100 kg

    4 types of permission
    A and B - just your confirmation that you know to flight with aircraft
    C - operation manual al flight plan ?? I do not know what it mean
    D – psychophysics confirmation and certificate from CRO AFA

    With Calass 1 ( under 5 kgs) you can fligh in 1 and 2 zones with A permission
    3 zone with C permission
    4 zone with D permission

    With Class 2 (5-25 kgs) Zone 1 with A, Zone 2 with B, Zone 3 with C, and zone 4 with D

    With class 3 (25-100kgs) Zone 1 with B, Zone 2 with C, And zones 3 and 4 with D.

    Also NO FLIGHT thru night period !!!!
    No FLIGHT under 30 meters from people
    Or FLIGHT from less then 150meters from group of people.
    No regulative for flight inside building (stupid)

    Put Phantoms have more than 79 Jules of kinetic power :(

    Last Information.
    Two Slovenian guys paid 5000 kunas (667 Euros) penalty for flight over Zagreb (December Advent event)

    And at the end some stupidity from our National Cadastral Office.
    They have flight survay photos for Cadastral and it is publicly accessible.( http://preglednik.arkod.hr/ )
    And in this areal photo they masked some military bases, airport building ad some other building and areas.
    But this masked areas are normally visible thru google earth (even with better resolution) and also street view.

    Croatia have great innovators, musicians, engineers, artist but most stupidest or corupted politicians.