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  1. kenargo

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    DJI Ultimate Flight - v3 - Android Apps on Google Play

    In beta (Sign in - Google Accounts) Ultimate Flight has added a number of Phantom 4 specific features:

    * Avoidance control (on/off)
    * Tracking
    * Avoidance radar (similar to GO app display)

    In addition all existing app features are also available:

    * Waypoint with specialty waypoint types (orbit and panorama). Orbit waypoint is a UF exclusive ( no other app has this!)
    * Follow
    * Orbit
    * Selfie
    * and much much more

    See documentation for complete details:

    http://djiultimateflight.com/images/DJI Ultimate Flight V3.pdf

    A demo video:
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