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  1. KevMo Photog

    Mar 29, 2016
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    Just wondering why my DJI Go app is not loading a sattelite view for me? I just got the Lichti app last night. And it shows a satellite view for you. Also, on the Lichti app, is there no where to set any bird settings at all? Like Compass calibrate ect? Or is it just to fly missions for the most part? I also could not find in Lichti anywhere to watch raw video from the card while it is still in the bird like the DJI Go app does. One last question about missions in Lichti? I was up on a cliff above a lake today. I was up about 100 ft off the water. I took off from there so my altitude is considered 0 up there where I took off. If I want my waypoints to be 120ft off water should I set those points to be an altitude of 20ft? What If I wanted my altitude off of lake to be 80ft? How would I set negative altitude compared to where it took off from?