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Disconcerting Situation When Setting RTH Altitude

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SoCalDude, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. SoCalDude

    Sep 22, 2016
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    Warm & sunny Southern California
    So, I'm out in the field today with my P4 and DJI Go v3.0 (this week's update) and I'm setting my RTH altitude--at least I'm attempting to.

    I could not set any altitude (RTH, max alt, etc). I fought with this for 30 minutes--killing/restarting the Go app, rebooting my iPad Air 2, turning everything, including the P4, off and back on. I could not set any of the numeric configuration settings because there was no way to hit the "Enter" key or "Done" key.

    I was mentally blaming the new v3.0 app until I finally figured it out. I also use the Google keyboard on my iPad. It's called "Gboard". It's one of those swipe-to-type keyboards. It also has a numeric keypad. It's smart enough to know when only numeric input is allowed and displays said numeric keypad. Well, it's too smart! This keyboard has no "Done" key as the default iOS keyboard, nor does it have an "Enter" key.

    So, I could type any numeric value for the RTH altitude, but there was no way to save or commit it. If I left that settings tab or closed the whole settings panel, I would come back and it would contain the original value (not what I wanted).

    So, the resolution was to go to another app that has text input and choose the iOS keyboard.

    Check out the screenshots of both keyboards below...

    The Google GBoard:

    The default iOS keyboard:
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