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Cresting mountains at long range

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Goldmagnet, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Goldmagnet

    Aug 24, 2014
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    Hi there

    This is my first post here, so "Hello".

    I split my time between Ireland and the UK, but flying in the wild mountains of Ireland is much more fun for me. I have noticed something which I think is worthy of mention, and it involves cresting mountains at distance. Very often when I reach the peak of a mountain and get to see the land behind I lose control signal, often its easy to get back. It has happened too many time to be coincidence, and I have been trying to think why, here is a good example where I lose control right as I crest:


    I believe its down to signal to noise ratio, which is, as it sounds, the ratio between background noise (and noise from your electronics) and the actual received signal. When you rise above the mountains, the recivier gets a flood of noise as the shielding effect of the mountain no longer blocks all the microwave signals bouncing around our mountain tops.

    Has anyone else noticed this ?


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