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  1. GMack

    Jul 26, 2016
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    Did a bit of sunrise flying and had a ND Polarizer on just to see the darkening of the sky and clouds to the north and south of the eastern sunrise.

    I noticed the horizon was tilted a bit down on the left side so I changed the gimbal tilt in the settings. After a few yaw spins and some hard left/right stops, the horizon tilt was in the other direction. So I reset the tilt settings again. Spun it, and the tilt went the other way a bit. I hit -1.0 and even +1.0 in the tilt adjustment so it is radical at times when it settles.

    I'm wondering if the weight of the circular polarizer is throwing off the gimbal somehow requiring a tilt adjustment when it rocks a bit? The circular polarizer weighs 6 grams, where the DJI UV lens (removed) weighs only 2.4 grams. I don't recall the horizon needing that much adjustment with just the DJI stock UV filter.