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Cheap GPS tracker watch.

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by powerlord, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. powerlord

    powerlord Guest

    I've ordered one of these to strap onto my phantom 3 as security to help find a fly away. <br /><br />http://m.banggood.com/Heats-LBS-GPS...551f0ba0c7000b5a569ac8709377d93-OPENPID979811<br /><br /><br />It's cheap, wording definitely clearly states it's GPS as well as lbs, and is much smaller and lighter than the other one I have. <br /><br />I'll let u know what it's like, but they were out of stock and now back, so thought I'd post in case anyone was interested. <br /><br />This way, if rth fails, and it flies away, or even if it just crashes a bit away in a field, and knocks power off, thus gives you a second chance of recovering it. Seemed worth 30 quid against 1200 quid investment. <br /><br />Should just strap onto one of the 'arms'. Job done <br />Stu<br/>