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Camera gimbal failed

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Phantom menice, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Phantom menice

    Jun 20, 2014
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    I happen to have2 of the vision plus. I started out with the phantom 1. Been flying for awhile. Big mistake going to the vision plus. I bought 1 and used it for about 3 flights after doing the updates and I have always calibrated the compass and never took off with less than 9 sat. In the middle of no where closest power line...(single stran) not high power or any other interference .. No wi fi either from the out side. When flying less than 100 ft away also not up more than 200 or 300 feet at the most. On the screen poped up lost data com. Had fully programmed to return home.. It did strait to the ground. Wich some of my complaints are now in the upgrades. They stil want 750 to fix it.. But they deemed nessary to update their screw up.. The camera had to be replaced . If they ever get them been 2 plus months now.had to get a second one to do a video for a friends rv park in Lakeland Florida this on I had calibration problems and had to take it to Atlanta hobby in Cummings ga... Dji service center. It was drifting bad even after I updated and calibrated ... They had to do it twice and also imu.. They did it right. Back in Florida after all updates and flying great except for now after the second flight. The camera tilted and started acting out... I landed not even hard enuff to lean over with the wind blowing and the cameras falls off. Now dji keeps trying to say not there fault with the camera issues. The place I bought from has 4 that the cameras poped off and on you tube u can see more....... I want to get a list of people to show them this is a problem even if they don't think so... Please help ..if enuff emails them with the issues they will have to do something
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