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Break In the controller battery too?

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by TacAir42, May 25, 2015.

  1. TacAir42

    May 21, 2015
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    ME, SC, VA and NV
    My controller is now around 50% for the first time, do I need to break it in like the aircraft batts or just run it on down and recharge as needed?
  2. Icarus

    Jan 13, 2015
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    I would just recharge it once it's down to 50%. I don't think it's necessary, but I always like to keep the remote at a higher charge level (my phantom 2 remote was kept above 75% for the entire 6 months I owned it, and I never had a problem). The battery in the remote isn't as sensitive as the Phantom batteries.
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