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Avoid Crash when using (Litchi Mission or F mode Option)

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by wawakool, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. wawakool

    Feb 7, 2016
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    I wanted to share with you how switching from F mode to P mode Save my Craft

    A little advice I had one experience a similar problem. But the fault was mine, I was using litchi for a mission. I did a mistake with my last way point.

    I had 5 way point
    Way point 1 = 80m, way point 2 = 90m, way point 3 = 90m, way point 4 = 90m and accidentally set way point 5 to 10m

    I did not re checked if all the way point was programmed correctly and what happened was during the mission after the craft passed on way-point 4 it started to dropped altitude very rapidly as between way point 4 and 5 there was only about 50mt between them.

    When on the mobile screen i saw that altitude was dropping i immediately switch from F mode to P mode. So the mission was immediately abort and the craft hover the place where it was, gain control back and bring it back safe.

    Little advises that i can share to those flying litchi mission is
    1. Don't Panic
    2. To re check you way point altitude, and keep your last way point higher that any tress etc.
    3. Do not fly longer where your remote will loose signal if you have problem with RTH
    4. As soon as you have any problem with a mission switch immediately to to P mode get control back and if you don't know where you are hit the RTH button or use the home lock, pull your joystick backward it will bring your craft automatically to you.
    5. Always verify the option selected if aircraft loose signal. Make you that return to home is selected. Because if accidentally you click on Hover(if signal lost it will hover) if you click on land craft it will land the crack so make sure that RTH is selected.

    Note that what ever you are doing into F mode if there is any problem just switch to P mode. It will cancel all immediately and let your craft hover where it is. So that you can bring it back or use the RTH button on the remote control.

    If you do not switch to P mode you will not gain control of your aircraft it will keep on executing the mission or other thing you had programmed.

    I fly with litchi for a couple of time now. And i had not problem with it, only problem i got was completely because of a mistake i did.

    I hope that this can help litchi users.

    Take care :)
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