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Android Go app randomly disconnects

Discussion in 'Standard/4k Discussion' started by Grant Peterson, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Grant Peterson

    Feb 8, 2016
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    So, I am having trouble using my android Go app to stay connected to my P3S via wifi... it can connect just fine but it will only stay for 1 minute to 5 minutes and then my phone will just drop the connection and connect to another default wifi automatically, or just go wifi-less. The only way to reconnect is to go back to settings and manually select it again. It doesn't do this to any other wifi and I haven't had any problems with my phone other than this either... the strange thing is that it works just fine on multiple of my different friends' iOS devices. I haven't tried another android phone yet. Am I just missing something in settings or is it something with the android go app? I am currently running the latest version. I have heard that sometimes disconnecting google services works but I would prefer not to if I don't have to. On the other hand, I would prefer that much more than my Phantom crashing due to a disconnection... ;)
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