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  1. David Cooke
    VERY nice shot! . . . beautiful lighting
  2. ScouseMouse
    OK guys how BAD is this jello? Just to recap; Phantom 1 with SJ4000 mounted on a 3-axis DYS gimbal. 9" Props. I've posted this because you can see that as I hand-catch the P1, the jello vanishes...
  3. Jeremyperson1982
    Im looking to sale 2 phantom 4 controllers that are like new. I am looking for $400.00 for both as a set or $230.00 individually plus shipping. I will also throw in all filters shown in picture...
  4. Sjgk06
    I would bring the file that does not have the "2" in it. so the second file from the left.
  5. Sjgk06
    Screen Shot 2017-04-04 At 1.52.38 PM by Sjgk06 posted Apr 4, 2017 at 2:00 PM Here is a screen shot from me downloading the .BIN file and I would drag that to the SD card.