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  1. Gerald Lee
    Gerald Lee
    Hello all one day to approve warranty on defective p3p one day to repair and one day to pack it up and send her home! WOW THREE DAYS TOTAL
  2. Matts175
    I'd rather be flying.
  3. KongWerks
    KongWerks jwmcgrath
    Thanks! I hope there are enough like minded people in our community to stop this.
  4. David Cooke
    David Cooke Suhail78
    You must have taken down your $100 BET when you realized I was flying a P4Pro PLUS . . . with integrated screen . . Yes it's ANDROID but I have no choice with that display . . .You can buy me a beer someday and call it even
    1. Suhail78 likes this.
    2. Suhail78
      hahaha, you are correct sir! and that's a deal!!
      Mar 23, 2017 at 11:51 PM
  5. kerrylaw7307
    kerrylaw7307 Paul A Byers
    Hello, I damaged my con ribbon cable. Did you ever find one? or have an extra to sell? KErry
  6. MrJonesDroneFootagez
  7. TightLines
  8. Phantom2USA
    Phantom2USA fatal_emission
    $125 shipped? Got it on e bay @ $155.. Let me know..
    Sent previous post, not sure if ya got it..
  9. sodamo
    sodamo John Locke
    On a thread you offered info on a guy, Mike Holt, that rebuilt your P3P for $300. I'd be interested in that info as mine took a swim and I'm having image transmission error, firmware needs update (but won't), gimbal disconnected error.
  10. Avalon90
    how interrupt an automatic Home Return in a Mavic Pro drone.
  11. Joyceluo
  12. Joyceluo
  13. Mark Austin
    Mark Austin msinger
    Hi - I'm new to my drone and love every minute with it. I'm not very technical savvy with my drone especially when you have to open it up and move wires around.

    Does anyone know of someone near Sterling (Potomac Falls), VA who can install a booster for me?
  14. Green Phantom
    Green Phantom
    Youtube Vids - ADMR1985
  15. SEGEO
    Up all night processing Phantom 4 Pro imagery into 30 Acres of Ultra High Resolution 3D. Down to the dryer vents on buildings...
  16. Barney Killebrew
    Barney Killebrew
    Totally messed up on here,It shows I have a message,BUT how in H*** do I get to read it. Hopefully it was in answer to ?? I posted...
  17. solentlife
    solentlife tonicinside
    Hi .... Nigel from LARPAS ...... can you email to me on : techconsult@cargotreat.com : .... I have a request that you may be interested in ...
    Cheers Nigel
  18. PilotRyan
    PilotRyan John Locke
    Hi John, my name is Ryan. I came across a post of yours where you mentioned that you own both the DJI Mavic and P4.

    I make light kits for drones and am looking for people who might be interested in putting strobes and navigation lights on their drones.

    Do you have a contact I can reach you at? Apparently this message max out at 420 characters. My email is Ryan@multiroto.com
  19. Valeria0727
    My P4P crashed today and now the adapter on landing gear popped off and I can't get it back on. Anybody know how?
  20. Pandavsbadger
    I crashed my phantom 3 and the only damage is a dent to my battery no punctures in it just a dent. Do you guys think it's still safe to use